Why I Write

I write for broken people,
To show them Someone cares
And, even though we're miles apart,
Their name is in my prayers.

I write for little children,
That they might understand
There's strength and wisdom plenty,
When they hold to Jesus' hand.

I write for lonely, discouraged,
Who cannot see the light
And pray one beam of sunshine
Might filter through what I write.

I write for happy souls who sing,
As they journey on their way;
Who pass out smiles and ditties
In the Sonlight of their days.

I write for those who cannot think
What they did yesterday
Or, maybe, live a childhood
That won't ever go away.

I write for those whose hurting hearts
Cannot be well, again.
I write to spread God's mercy
To every soul touched by sin.

I write to spread the Good News,
That there can be no lack.
For, Jesus made a gift to us.
He'll never take it back.

I write because I love you.
Yes, I know you (been there, too);
But, Jesus fixed my life, again,
And He'll do that for you!
That's some of why I write.

© 2004 by Joan Clifton Costner

A Heavenly Inspirations Author