Lord, I don’t know what to do with them,
These words You fill me with;
I have this ache to write them down ~
But whom, dear Lord, to give?

I’ve tried to share ~ You told me to,
But there are walls around;
Discouragement comes then in waves
That knock me to the ground.

I do not understand the ways
You’ve always had in place...
The waves upon the airways...
That brings these to Your face;

But I will set upon the wind
Your words and send them forth;
You guide, You designate their goal,
You quicken ~ for their worth.

And I will trust that in Your plan
Someone, though it be a long way, 
Will read and heed the message sent
Upon Your waves today.

I don’t need to know who read,
But I do need to know
That I obeyed Your sweet command,
And let those blest words go!

©Joan Clifton Costner

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